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Roland Berger
New answer on Aug 24, 2022
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 23, 2022

Hey guys,


I am curious about how the application process at Roland Berger look like. Have anyone been there already?


What I am most interested in, is if it will take a whole day or are there just a half-day for interviews (1 round, 2 rounds?)


Im asking about the process in Germany


Kind regards

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replied on Aug 23, 2022
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Hi there, 

The most reliable answer to this question you're going to get by reaching to the recruiters themselves. This way you know that it's accurate and relevant for the office you are targeting. It's also an opportunity to already start a networking with members of the target firm and learning more about it, so don't hesitate. 



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replied on Aug 24, 2022
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