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Resume McKinsey Implementation - Is the one page limit for resume applicable even for an experienced hire

Anonymous A asked on Apr 05, 2019 - 5 answers
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Riccardo replied on Apr 05, 2019
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It is advisable that you keep it within one page. Few quick tips to keep in mind:

- Don't go too back in time (e.g. >10 yrs
- Focus on the key achievements, not description of the roles
- Be sure to includes examples of what recruiter look for in MBB (e.g. leadership, problem solving, teamwork)
- Try to quantify results whenever possible


Anonymous replied on Apr 22, 2019

1 page is the industry standard. You need a strong reason to make it more than 1.

Francesco replied on Apr 05, 2019
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Hi Anonymous,

the general standard is 1 page also for experienced hire. There may be exceptions related to:

  • Country specific characteristics. In Germany for example a 2-page CV is acceptable (although I would suggest to stick to 1 page here as well, at least for new graduates)
  • Number of years of experience. If you have 10+ years, a 2-page CV would be acceptable

Hope this helps,


Vlad replied on Apr 05, 2019
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Rule of thumb - everything that is less than 10 years should be 1-pager.

The only exception is PHDs who can have a 2nd page with their works.


replied on Apr 05, 2019
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Yes, and it's way easier than it seems.

Having done a lot of CV preparation and beautification during my two MBAs, I'd follow a two-step approach:

  1. Work on the content of your CV (without taking into consideration the format - length included). What has been previously said is absolutely true. Focus on what you want to communicate through your CV: + Try to be memorable: it may be through a particular industry/function focus of yours, a personal interest, or a motto at the end of the page + Show your fit with the position: make sure that you state all relevant experiences, both academic and work-related + Make clear the results you achieved: bullet points are a must, as well as quantitative results achieved (uses relevant KPIs, be careful with the jargon)
  2. Work on the format. Once the content is ready, you can work on the format. My suggestion is to customize the CV a bit according to your personal style but to be careful not to go off-track. There are a lot of tricks that may use if space is not enough: + font (down at 11 pt. at most) + margins (it's fine to use pretty narrow margins, as far as the content is well structured) + line spacing (it's fine to use pretty tight spacing, as far as the content is well structured)

Good luck with your preparation! Feel free to reach out for any tailored suggestion!

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