Rejected for Summer Associate intern, but promised final round interview

Final Round full-time McKinsey & Company reapply Summer Internship
New answer on Mar 30, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 29, 2021

I was rejected for the associate intern summer program (Mckinsey) although they say both partners had very positive feedback but were encouraged to re-apply for the full-time position and promised to go into the final round directly if I do apply. What does this mean? What are some special considerations if I do re-apply and interview for the full-time?

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Hi there,

1. What does this mean?

Exactly what they said ;) You can skip one round of interviews and start directly from the final.

2. What are some special considerations if I do re-apply and interview for the full-time?

Would be great if you (i) have the confirmation in writing or (ii) send them an email to thank for the opportunity, saying you would be eager to interview again for the final round, so that you have something in writing to show to HR if any proof of the conversation is needed.

Then, prepare as you did before, working specifically on the areas of improvement to get better there.



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Anonymous A on Apr 01, 2021
Many thanks Francesco, I did get confirmations from both the partner and HR that I could re-apply when open the associate application later this year

"Promised to go into the final round directly if I do apply"

You have your answer :)

This is the best rejection you could possibly have!

You should feel very good about this!

Your steps:

  1. Thank them profoundly and say you will certainly be re-apply
  2. Make sure you're clear on your improvement areas
    1. I'd highly recommend One coaching session to dig even deeper on what's missing (don't do this it leading up to the interview)
  3. Work to improve those areas
    1. Please don't have a is easy to get worse if you case heavily from now until then. Take a break!
  4. Re-apply next year AND let them know when you have!

Good luck :)

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Congrats, since this is the "best kind of rejection" you can get.

It means that they "recycle" your profile since your performance was strong, and next year you skip steps (I had heard about skipping the test, not one full round of interviews, so may be worth clarifying that)

Hope it helps!



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Hey there,

This is more common than you might think. Overall, you had a strong performance but did not make the cut this time, however, the potential seen by two partners individually convinced them to give you a second try in the future.

While this is good news, your focus now should be on

  • figuring out what your weaknesses were in the case and the PEI --> did you receive any feedback?
  • keeping up the areas where you were strong to drive them to excellence and working on your weaknesses that did not fully convince the interviews just yet

You need to come out stronger for the next final round to get the full-time offer and it is worthwhile to keep the preparation up.

PM me if you need some more specific advice tailored to your situation!



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Many people in MBA programs are rejected for internships and invited to apply full time. This means they still consider you a strong candidate and if there are sufficient opportunities you will be invited to interview if you apply for full time roles.


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That's good news obviously! If you re-apply you will get straight to the final round interview skipping all of the previous steps. Good luck!

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It's exactly what they have said: instead of having to go through the full selection process, they will fast track you to the final round interview where if you are successful, you will have a full-time offer!

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Hi, it happens, especially this year. The summer internship slots are very limited and the fact you can directly access the final round is a good signal. Please ask for the improvement points, it'll be important to show you will have completely understood and overcome these


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