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Ranking Available McKinsey PST Resources

Anonymous C asked on Mar 17, 2018 - 1 answer

Hi experts,

There is a big variance in the quality of PST prepartion materials. Based on your experience, how would you sort by quality and resemblence to the actual PST the following preparation materials and tests? I'm not counting the official PST tests as they are obviously the best material.

Victor Cheng's tests, IGotanOffer tests, My Consulting Guru tests, MConsulting Prep materials.

Thank you

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replied on Mar 17, 2018
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  • Consulting Guru and MConsulting prep are easier than the actual PST (I have the versions that they were selling 3-4 years ago). Good to practice but can't predict the success.
  • Victor Cheng's tests are harder in Math (lot's of calculations), so if you do them, you'll be fine with an actual test.

Also pls note that stress is an important factor and you'll score at least 2-3 points lower on a real test, so it's better to use harder tests. Thus Cheng works better.


Victor Cheng's test are the same as consulting guru's test. He has a partnership with consulting guru. — Odufa on Jan 29, 2019

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