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Professional Hire: Senior Consultant Roland Berger / Senior Associate Strategy& Financial Services

Experienced Professional Financial Services
Edited on Apr 08, 2024
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Anonymous A asked on Jan 30, 2020

Hi all,

I applied to experienced professional positions for Roland Berger and Strategy& in middle europe for financial services. Does anybody have more information about the interview process?

For Roland Berger I was told that there are 2 cases interviews and 1 PF interview in the first round, with 1 case interview from a FS colleague. However, I also know that RB tends to ask some technical questions. It is important to note that I do not have a banking background but come from another part of FS (e.g. Insurance or Capital Markets).

Any information about questions or case types would be much appreciated, also on how experienced hires are evaluated compared to graduate students.

Thank you in advance

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updated an answer on Apr 08, 2024
Ex-Roland Berger|Project Manager and Recruiter|7+ years of consulting experience in USA and Europe

Hi there,

in addition to all the comments and explanations, find below a few practice cases that are representative of the Roland Berger style. This is not specific to Financial Services but more applicable to the overall recruiting process across all practices. Technical and subject matter questions can always be added, especially when it comes to the process for experienced hires.



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Alexander updated an answer on Jan 30, 2020

I would like to address the comment about them asking very technical questions at times, as I today had an entry level interview that brought that aspect out in full force. I didn't have a case interview, but was asked a lot of questions about the partner's main industry. This went as deep as the annual revenue of a specific company, a large merger that happened three years back, specifics about the manufacturing process of a product... I'm certain that different partners will go into different levels of depth, but would nonetheless recommend preparing for this aspect much, much more than for other firms.

Good luck!


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Anonymous A on Jan 31, 2020

Thank you very much, that is a bit odd but if you know it it is easier to prepare. Was it the second round?

Alexander on Jan 31, 2020

It was the very first interview. I had prepared quite a bit of industry knowledge, but honestly don't think I could have done well without working in the industry for a few years. I would recommend treating this experience as an outlier, though.

Content Creator
replied on Jan 31, 2020
McKinsey | NASA | top 10 FT MBA professor for consulting interviews | 6+ years of coaching

the interview will be structured in 3 parts:
- Personal Experience Interview: fit and CV questions to assess your personal impact, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit
- Case Interview: typical business case to evaluate your structure in approaching problems, problem-solving skills, and business sense. The alternative in your case can be technical questions
- Your final questions to the interviewers

Hope it helps,

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replied on Jan 30, 2020
McKinsey / Accenture Alum / Got all BIG3 offers / Harvard Business School


The best way to practice is downloading the FS companies reports (10K), IB industry reports and roadshow docs. They have all the specifics, definitions, etc. You don't have to demonstrate any deeper knowledge


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Dennis gave the best answer


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Ex-Roland Berger|Project Manager and Recruiter|7+ years of consulting experience in USA and Europe
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