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Must have gadgets / gift ideas for future McKinsey consultants?

MBB McKinsey on the job
New answer on Oct 13, 2023
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Anonymous A asked on May 28, 2018

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled across this forum and hope you can help me.

My brother recently got an offer for his entry level position at McKinsey. To start his job, I want to give him a little something... not a boring gift but something cool that he can ideally also use on the job or otherwise during his daily life as a consultant.

Is there anything you can recommend? Like a cool gadget that you find really useful?

Thanks in advance for any hints!

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Anonymous C replied on May 29, 2018

What a very kind gesture - I don't know how much you want to spend but here are some rough ideas.

  • Cufflinks
  • Tie
  • wireless headphones
  • laptop bag
  • briefcase
  • travel suitcase
  • watch
  • starbucks voucher
  • gym related workout clothes to encourage him to keep healthy
  • belt
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Content Creator
updated an answer on Oct 13, 2023
Ex-BCG Principal | 8+ years consulting experience in SEA | BCG top interviewer & top performer


Sharing the top useful gadgets in my consulting career:

  1. Travel charger
    • These are lighter version of the laptop charger and save alot of weight and space (it all adds up quickly)
  2. Jabra wireless speaker
    • Typically not issued by IT, but very useful because the quality of the audio and microphone is great and people won't strain to listen to what you are saying
  3. Wireless presenter/clicker
    • Sometimes issued by IT for your case (depends on firm) but then you have to return them
    • I always kept one in my bag and it was useful on multiple occasions
  4. Travel folder/wallet
    • This is something like a long rectangle wallet folder with multiple ‘slots’ or ‘pouches’
    • Useful for storing various foreign currency and more importantly receipts

Hope this list helps anyone facing a similar question!


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Anonymous replied on May 29, 2018

Hi there,

How kind of you! most suggestions below are sensible, but I disagree with wireless usb presenter - this is almost definitely already available from the office IT department, so redundant to give as a gift.

Personally, the thing that makes nost difference to my life as a consultant is a nice, light carry-on luggage, ideally with 4 wheels so you can drag it alongside you vs behind you. Suitcase should also have a good place to put folded shirts. In a perfect world, suitcase would also have a place to put folded suits, in case your brother doesn't like travelling already suited up (definitely a thing for long-haul flights).

Depending on your budget, a nice add-on gift is a laptop bag / briefcase with a strap that can be put around the handle of the carry on luggage. This makes travelling even lighter and easier, especially when waiting in line at security or walking through the airport! - see what I mean here

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Content Creator
replied on Sep 30, 2023
Ex-McKinsey Associate Partner | +15 years in consulting | +200 McKinsey 1st & 2nd round interviews

Hi there,

Noise cancelling headphones are a must, specially for frequent flyers :)



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replied on Jun 02, 2018
Former BCG interviewer

I would suggest a power bank or a set of iPhone/USB cable chargers or noise canceling headphones. All these three items are usually not provided by the firm itself. No to cuff links (not practical at entry level).

hope it helps,


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Anonymous D replied on May 29, 2018

Maybe a wireless usb presenter? So he can switch slides during a presentation.

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Anonymous B replied on May 28, 2018

Wish everyone had thougtful siblings like you :D

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