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Anonymous A asked on May 03, 2018

What are some general ideas/tips for asking thoughtful questions to the recruiter during the first phone screen call for McKinsey? A couple I was thinking about:

  • I've heard about your development opportunities, can you kindly elaborate on those, for someone joining as an analyst/consultant, etc.
  • Could ask about the office/practice culture and how that is different from similar ones (for example, how does McK Implementation (or Digital) compare to the other practices offered in Toronto, etc.) .. Thoughts?

Thank you.

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Anonymous replied on Sep 22, 2020

Hi A,

The questions you are thinking of are actually general ones and can be asked by someone who is not familiar with the company's values, culture, etc. and just had a quick look at the website.

As a potential employee you should focus on developing unique questions that would differentiate you from other candidates.

Something like "Could you please tell me about the most challenging case you've had thus far in your career?" or "How did your perspective on the company change comparing the days before you joined and current times?"

Asking the interviewer questions about his consulting experience or related to his personal decision making might be one of the best options.



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Anonymous replied on May 31, 2018

You need to make sure your answers are specific and unique. The questions that you have here are too generic and are questions that anyone might ask. The key to asking good questions is determining what questions will make you stand out as a candidate.

What do you want McK to know about you, and how can you convey that by the questions you ask?


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