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Delay McKinsey Offer Letter
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Anonymous A asked on May 03, 2018


I received an offer from McKinsey after seven interviews. Although I've received a couple of congratulatory messages and 'welcome to McKinsey SMSes/emails' from the HR, I am yet to receive my formal offer letter.

It has been two weeks since I was confirmed for the role, but yet to see my offer letter. I have been getting incremental updates like a go-ahead from the mobility manager regarding visa & work authorisations, and assurances that they are very confident that my visa will be accepted by the Embassy. All said and done, still no sighting of the offer letter yet. Should I be concerned? ?

This is for one of the European offices. Last I was told, the Managing Partner simply needs to sign off the letter (a formality) but three days since that update. No flags or concerns of any kind raised at all, by McKinsey so far, regarding my case.

Any inputs would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Jimmy Joy

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replied on May 03, 2018
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I wouldn’t be concerned about the fact that McK is acting in good faith and almost certainly this process will result in you receiving the offer very soon. However immigration laws are beyond the company’s control and that can derail things. Even if that happens, I’ve seen MBBs going above and beyond to make the candidate join the company by having him/her work temporarily in another country’s office while immigration problem is resolved.

For this reason I would say that you should just be patient and let the process make its course while also not stopping your job hunting processes elsewhere quitting your job yet. If you are particularly nervous and would like reassurance I would ask for a quick call from HR and see if it’s possible to get a formal, binding, offer in writing that outlines what happens if immigration process doesn’t end successfully (work from another country). Again I would be very polite and nice about and it’s really more for your own mental reassurance than for anything else because, as multiple emails and SMS proved, they want you!

hope it helps,


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replied on May 03, 2018
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Don't worry, you'll get your offer. Most probably the partner is really traveling.

Also, there will be no surprise in the offer. You can check the Glassdoor for the expected salary.


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Waiting for McKinsey offer letter

Anonymous B replied on Apr 30, 2018

Hey, would you be kind and share which McK office in Europe sponsors a visa?


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