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Anonymous A asked on Jan 02, 2019 - 3 answers

Hi everyone,

I have received offer from Mckinsey and accepted. I will start after my graduation thus I have still time to learn and practice new things. Do you have any recommendation for me, anything to learn, read or study?


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Anonymous replied on Jan 02, 2019

I wouldn't worry too much about acquiring additional skills prior to your start at the firm. McKinsey has excellent internal training materials and will teach you everything once you have joined the firm.

If you insists on preperaing, I would brush up my excel and ppt skills. You can also try to network with people from your home office prior to your start. A lot of projects are staffed based on internal networking, so it is good to establish a network of contacts early on.

Hi @Mathias, thank you for this input. Could you please tell us a bit more what the internal training materials look like? — Samia on Jan 02, 2019

@Samia: Sure, there is a large variety of formal and informal internal training materials ranging from webinars and online courses to on-the-job training. Moreover, many programs (e.g. ppt) are customized to make your life easier. — Anonymous on Jan 03, 2019 (edited)

replied on Jan 03, 2019
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Congrats on the offer. I second the answers already given: McK will teach you what you need (or at least give you access to the requirwd resources).

If you want to get a leg up though (and i think you should), do the following:

- be really solid on excel; SQL and data scrapping can help too

- get used to work without a mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are tour friends. Most of us routinely use dozens in both Excel and PowerPoint

- PowerPoint will be your life for the foreseeable future, so make sure to review a bit [note: McK will have an add-on with tons of amazing shortcuts so dont waste too much time here]

- Enjoy your free time and bed while you can

replied on Jan 02, 2019
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I had the same thought when I first joined and my advice would be to enjoy the break doing things you probably won't have time to do once work picks up.

If you do want to learn something, in addition to the advice above, I would say invest time reading about sectors you want to specialize in or have a strong affinity towards. The other things that is always in demand is the ability to use analytics software such as tableu or to pull data using SQL

Most of all don't worry too much about it - they are excellent at training!

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