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Mckinsey interview plan

Anonymous A

Recently talking with Mck to plan my interview. General question to the (Ex-)Mck, is it possible to postpone the planned interview date if I am not ready? Someone would like to share his/her successful experience with an individual chat? thanks!

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replied on 07/02/2018
McKinsey Engagement Manager & BCG Consultant | Interviewer at McK & BCG for 7 years | Coached 50+ candidates secure MBB offers

Yes, I always recommend to postpone interviews if candidates are not fully "ready"! No problem with that. Your eventual interviewers will not even be aware of it, since they have nothing to do with the administrative side of recruiting.

Anonymous B replied on 07/03/2018

The only thing i would add to the other comments is that if you do postpone, be prepared for it to really get postponed a long time.

I was not ready/available for the first date they suggested and it has now been over 2 months for my next interview.

Sometimes, having too long can be as hard as having too little with cases. You can really start to burn out + seem over-rehearsed...therefore it is crucial for you to manage this if you do postpone.

replied on 07/02/2018
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Hi there!

Yes, it's definitely possible to reschedule a planned interview date - quite a few of my coaching candidates actually did this already after a coaching session recognizing the harsh truth and difficulty of McKinsey cases and the PEI.

If you think about it, McKinsey invests quite a lot of money into your interviews (mostly considering the opportunity costs of consultants spending time with you, but also travel cost etc.) - it's just a waste of money, brains and time for both you and McKinsey if you show up to interviews, knowing you are not yet prepared well enough.

In addition, I have had candidates even already being on-site for their interviews not being perfeclty healthy (like having caught a cold etc.) - even in this case the interviewer sent the candidate back home and asked to reschedule the interviews, because the candidates were definitely not in their best shape - and McKinsey wants to see the very best from you.

The only recommendation I give in addition is to think of a solid and clear argumentation why your preparation is lacking behind in time - most likely you won't even need it, but be prepared just in case.

Hope that helps!

Vlad replied on 07/02/2018
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Pls reschedule the interview. You can't imagine how many people failed just because they didn't take enough prep. There is absolutely no penalty for rescheduling:

  1. Interviewers are EMs or Partners who will not even know
  2. Even if they knew - they don't relly care


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