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McKinsey Insurance

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Recent activity on Aug 21, 2018
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Anonymous A asked on Aug 18, 2018


Does McKinsey insurance for consultans cover partner childbirth, e.g., the childbirth of a wife of a consultant? Any other insight on this matter would help

Thank you

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Anonymous replied on Aug 18, 2018

The short answer is yes, if you pay for the cover to extend to your family.

When you join a company that offers private health insurance (like MBB), you will have a choice to also sign up your significant others. If you live in a country where Private Health Insurance is a taxable benefit (e.g. the UK), then you will also have to pay tax on their policy. Once you do this, your partner will get the same exact benefits as you. So if the policy covers childbirth for the employee (which most policies will), then it will also cover it for your spouse.

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updated an answer on Aug 18, 2018
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In general yes, however, the policies can be different depending on the office / country. So you need to be specific in your question



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Anonymous B replied on Aug 21, 2018

Also, note that some policies require a minimum time before covering childbirth. For example, the insured patient must have the policy for the minimum 10 months before receiving benefits for childbirth. That could vary from country to country but I have encountered in many different policies the same rule.

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