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McKinsey HR Interview

Anonymous A asked on Feb 02, 2018 - 2 answers

My first round interviews with McKinsey consist of 2 back-to-back interviews of 50 minutes each, preceded by a 30 minute HR interview. I was wondering what to expect during the HR part. Aren't the Fit questions already included in the "main" interviews?


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replied on Feb 02, 2018
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I heard about HR interviews in some US offices for generalist positions and HR interviews for McKinsey subsidiaries like Digital Ventures.

Agree with Bruno, same questions as for the regular interview:

  • Story about yourself
  • Why consulting, Why McKinsey
  • Stories: Personal impact, leadership, achievement / entrepreneurial drive
  • Your questions to the interviewer


Anonymous replied on Feb 02, 2018


Which office are you applying to? In the Western European ones never heard about any HR interview.

Anyway, the fit questions are indeed included within the main interview



Paris office. I guess I will find out then! — Georges on Feb 02, 2018

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