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Alex asked on Jun 23, 2019 - 5 answers

Hi all,

What do you think is better if you want to work at consulting(MBB)

among these 3 : MS in Math or Statistics or Data Analysis?

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Anonymous replied on Jun 24, 2019

All of these place you well to get into the Analytics departments at these companies actually (like BCG GAMMA). If you're thinking general consulting track then Data Analysis is probably most valued. However it's much more about your resume as a whole than your specific major - consider picking what you actually like the most and will do the best in (a 4.0/4.0 in one is definitely better than a 3.5 in any of the others)

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replied on Jun 24, 2019
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Hi Alex,

I assume the masters you are considering are in the same university, as the university brand may be a more important criterion that the master itself.

Data analysis seems to be the more suitable for consulting on paper, you can quickly verify it for your specific university with a search on the alumni of the program via LinkedIn. As mentioned in the other comments though I would prioritize your general interest for the subjects as the main criterion and the general exit opportunities (your target job may be different by the time you complete the master) and consider the possibility to land in MBB just as one of the options to take into account.



updated his answer on Jun 24, 2019
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Agree with the previous comment. The average time spent at MBB for a consultant is 2 years. The chance of getting there is <5%. You should always try to get into the best University brand since you'll have higher chances of getting a job. But choosing your specialty driven by MBB needs is the wrong approach

Any of the programs that you mention work for MBB and neither of them is worse or better. So just select the one you like.



Anonymous B replied on Jun 23, 2019

Hi Alex,

If you are deciding which degree to pursue based on which degree is more likely to get you into MBB door, you are using a wrong criteria. Select the MS degree based on your interests, program ranking and appeal to the industry. Name of the university might play a bigger role in MBB screening process than whether the degree is in math or statistics.

Having said that, I'd personally go with data analysis since it's highly demanded and less abstract than math and less niche than statistics. So, whether i'm pusuing MBB or other companies, I'd prefer data analysis to math and stats.

Anonymous A replied on Jun 23, 2019


in my experience: Does not really matter. More important: You're good at it. And this is more likely if you like the focus of your studies ;)