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Is there specific interview dress code for female applicants?

Anonymous A asked on Jan 20, 2018 - 4 answers

Hello, I've seen some good advice on interview dress code for male candidates but are there any rules for female candidates? Is a suit and shirt also required or do you see female candidates coming in a formal dress with jacket?

Thank you in advance for your tips!

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replied on Jan 20, 2018
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Unfortunately consulting is very traditional when it cimes to interview dress code. I've seen seversl types of outfits from female candidates that convey the appropriate level of professionalism:

-formal dress and jacket (as you mentioned)

-knee length dark color skirt, solid color blouse and jacket

-dark color pants, solid color blouse and jacket

A note on the following:

-blouse: solid color is best, but patterns/floral motives work too as long as they are not too distracting. The important thing is also to make sure that blouse is not see-through (happens sometimes with silk/synthetic fabrics) or if it is that you have a full tank top underneat. Also no cleavage showing.

-shoes: flats or low heel pumps

-jewelry: limit to bare essentials and also not too flashy. Might suggest to remove facial piercings if they do not show evident holes

-skirt: ideal length is between a palm above the knee and knee length. No shorter, no much longer

-perfume: no unless very mild

-make up: ok but keep it light, especially eye shadow and blush

-Pantyhose: ok both with or without. No patterns

hope it helps,


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replied on Jan 21, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

as mentioned suit+shirt is not compulsory for women. Standard business attire for women is pantsuits or suit with a matching skirt. Formal dress + jacket would also work. Some additional points to consider include:

  • Limit the amount of jewellery to watch and wedding band
  • Avoid cologne (interviewer may be allergic)
  • Bring ordinary bags, shoes and other gadgets – avoid showy ones
  • Avoid nonstandard haircut
  • Avoid excessive make up/fingernails



replied on Jan 21, 2018
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This isn't very complicated really. Wear a business formal code. What this usually means is:

1. No bright colors (e.g. red/yellow)

2. No traditional clothes (e.g. indian Saris)

3. No visible tattoos, minimal jewlery, and nothing too flashy.

I've interviewed women with a suit, and without one. It doesn't really matter.

Richard replied on Apr 29, 2019

For females, there isn't something specific like male candidates.
As a female, you can wear dresses like:
1) Blouse and skirt
2)Jeggings with a dress shirt

Try to choose a dark color wears.

You can find a good variety at

They have a good collection of formal wear.
I hope my answer will help you out.