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Is it possible to move from a consulting company focussed on riskmanagement and finance to a strategy consulting?

Anonymous A

By strategy consulting I mean a Tier 1(MBB) or Tier 2 (Deloitte, Strategy&, Oliver Wyman etc. ). I guess the answer would be that it is somehow possible but I would like to know how likely it is to get an interview. Perhaps these companies would prefere someone directly from the university.


Francesco replied on 08/23/2017
#1 Expert for coaching sessions (2.000+) | Ex BCG | 1.000+ reviews with 100% recommendation rate

Hi Anonymous,

that’s definitely possible, however it is not the linear path that normally brings you to strategy consulting, unless a strategy company is looking by chance to expand specifically in risk management. Strategy companies indeed usually prefer people coming from (i) universities directly; (ii) strategy roles in big brands; (iii) other strategy consulting companies.

In order to have a good chance to be invited you would have to consider one of the following options:

  • Develop a good network in strategy companies and use their referrals rather than the online applications only.
  • Give priorities to finance-related companies (eg Oliver Wyman), where you could show stronger skills thanks to your past experience.
  • Expand your CV with more strategy roles; this could be done working as advisors for a startup or an NGO while keeping your current job.

In case that doesn’t work, you may also consider doing an MBA first; this will take more time and money but could increase your chances significantly.



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