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I have been assigned a "buddy" (A consultant) by HR at MBB who I can contact for help on cases and interview prep. Basically, I want to get in contact with him, get some tips on case prep from his personal experience etc. and more info on the office etc. I am wondering what is the polite way to ask him for help? How should I formulate my e-mail?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 14, 2018 - 3 answers

I know Its super basic but sometimes, first impression really makes a difference! appreaicate your help! Thanks

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replied on Mar 14, 2018
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As mentioned and as the word indicates, “buddies” are associates/consultants early in their tenure and their job is to actually build a connection with you so that, if all goes well, they can sway you into signing for the firm they work for in the event of a cross offer. Their role is also to make you comfortable with the interviewing process and the firm culture. Therefore I would keep first email casual but polite, with a very brief introduction (they already know who you are and that you will reach out) and With the request of setting up a call to discuss the various questions you have.

for the call itself i would prepare as suggested in other replies by looking into background of buddy, preparing and organizing questions by topic, etc. Remember that call should be a conversation and not a mere Q&A, so try to find something in common (e.g. alma mater) you can converse about.

hope it helps,


Anonymous replied on Mar 14, 2018

Hey anonymous,

Send him a short email introducing yourself, your background, explaining at which step of the interview process you are, and asking him if it's possible to set up some time (either by phone or over a coffee) as you would love to hear from his/her experience and that's it!

Btw, be quite casual in the email as buddies are junior consultants! I'm used to be a buddy for McK candidates applying to my office and really prefer when candidates are not formal at all in such emails.



Vlad replied on Mar 14, 2018
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Several tips here:

  1. Check his background / education / industryhe is specializing in. It will be great if you have some match
  2. In the e-mail ask for an advice regarding your career plans and your thoughts on how consulting fits into it and maybe some tips re preparation and interview. Mention why you think he is a good source of this information (besides that he was assigned)
  3. Don't push him to have an actual mock interview unless he proposed himself
  4. Be well-prepared for a case interview at the meeting. You should know at least the basics, otherwise, it will look awkward.
  5. If you schedule a meeting and he postpones it last minute - it's totally fine to remind him. Consultants are busy and sometimes they can't find time even if they want to help you. Be very polite, but don't hesitate to remind about yourself