How to overcome lack of experience?

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Anonymous A asked on Jul 10, 2021

Hi everyone! 
In short, how to overcome the lack of experience? I have one internship and one irrelevant work experience. It will be a huge shortcoming in my application, but I still have plenty of time. I am getting into a master's degree in management at a top 10 european bschool (per QS) my goal is to break into consulting in Europe, Asia or the Middle East. What should I do? How to approach alumni for referral? I am aware that hiring starts by December-January and there's sufficient time to fill out the gaps in my CV. 

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Hi there,

You have two questions here! 

Lack of Experience

1) Take on anything and everything you can. There are plenty of courses, academies, and internships (unpaid, part time) you can sign up for. Start your own business/website, build up skills, join groups/communities in leadership positions, etc.

2) "Fluff" your resume. There are ways to hide lack of experience and make a resume look a lot better/fuller. I'm happy to work with you on this. It's certainly a bit of an art!


a) Reach out to people in your network

b) Reach out to people once removed from your network

c) Reach out to people with a similar backgorund to you (i.e. same alma mater, same historically underrepresented demographic i.e. gender, orientation, ethnicity, etc., same career switch, etc.)

d) Tailor a message to them specifically both showing interest in them and their journey and demonstrating that you have done your research and could be a valuable hire

e) Play "tag" across calls you get so that you can work your way towards the company/office/role you want

f) Never directly ask for a referral, but "hint" at needing one (this is nuanced and important...happy to talk through wording)


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replied on Jul 11, 2021
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Hey, can you post your CV here or send me via direct message?! Am not clear on why you think you lack experience if you are applying for entry level positions (thats my assumption).

One internship and some project work should be okay on the CV for entry level position.

Regarding networking check out this post:

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