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Hello! Anyone here can give insights into the role of Solution Analyst at McKinsey?

McKinsey SolutionAnalyst whatistheroleabout
New answer on Sep 18, 2019
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Teja Nittala asked on Sep 16, 2019

I went through a JD of a Solution Analyst at McKisney and it seemed like a combination of several parts of consulting, business analyst and scrum master put together. Would anyone have more insights into what is to be expected from this role and how does their day look like?

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Anonymous replied on Sep 18, 2019

Hi Teja,

A good friend of mine is working as a Solution Analyst in one of McK offices.

From his experience, I can tell you that this role is a combination of back office and consulting experience with McKinsey. These people spend part of their time in the office and another part they are assigned to the project teams (sometimes multiple project teams at the moment). They typically do the big data analysis of the huge client data bases to generate valuable insights for the engagement teams.

Depending on the assignment their workload might differ significantly: from 8am-6 or 7pm in case of back office work till "normal consulting working hours" if they are assigned to one or more projects. The last may also include business trips and customer exposure. Therefore, your typical day spent in office or at the client site depends on your current assignment.

I hope this clarifies your question.



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