Has anyone completed the Bain Experienced Professional online assessment for London Office ?

Anonymous A asked on Oct 20, 2018 - 2 answers

The first part of the assessment covers some questions on behavioural preferences, and the second part of the assessment covers logical, numerical and verbal reasoning. Dont think its timed because it only mentions approximatley how long it will take.

Wondering what sort of prep I should do before attempting the test ?


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Sebastian replied on Oct 20, 2018

Did the Bain online test for entry-level positions this morning (which sounds like it is probably very similar).

Verbal reasoning was SHL style questions e.g. is this statement True/False/Can't say based on the text.

Numerical was a simple 'here's an exhibit do a calculation based on this'

Abstract reasoning was pattern recognition - if this is one pattern, what's the next in the sequence.

Behavioural was rate each of these statements as 'sounds most like you or least like you'.

Whilst there isn't a set time limit, it says that the time taken to answer each question makes a difference to your score.

Thanks for you feedback, seems like the same test. — Anonymous on Oct 21, 2018

Denislava updated her answer on Oct 20, 2018
Looking for solid partners. Currently preparing for a Bain interview.


Did it around 2 months ago, SHL style - mine included numerical and verbal reasoning tests and it was timed. It's a pass or a fail, I didn't really get my score when I received the result.

Not rocket science but I definitely recommend you prepare for it - I spent around 2 weeks prepping. Try searching materials online, plenty out there.

Good luck!



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