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Anonymous A asked on Jul 17, 2020

Is anyone familiar with Firmsconsulting material? They seem to be very professional and know what they are doing.

In terms of price, they have a $167/month subscription fee. (Sometimes they offer a $30 discount).

They claim that you are trained solely by Ex-McKinsey partners and this should give candidates a big competitive advantage over other material. One thing I find fishy about them is the fact that the person explaning everything (his name is Michael) can't be found anywhere on LinkedIn or any other professional website and also never mentions which MBB company he used to work for (even though he comes along as a smart and very articulate person).

How do you think they compare with other resources such as LOMS/Victor Cheng, Preplounge, Crafting Cases ... ?

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Anonymous B replied on Jul 17, 2020

Waste of money in my view. You would be better off booking a couple of coaching sessions instead of paying a month's subscription. I also agree that the lack of transparancy around this guy seems suspicious.

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replied on Jul 18, 2020
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Hi there,

Honestly (this truly is not a baised opinion...I've seen it all), your best bet is truly PrepLounge!

Shop around for a coach that you think best matches your learning style, the areas of improvement you have, etc. etc. and go with that! You only need a few coaching sessions to then feel fully enabled to case effectively!

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Anonymous replied on Jul 18, 2020

Dear A,

Personally, I'm not so aquanted with this source and desicion depends on your budget.

I would recommend you the following (IMHO more efficient strategy for preparation)

• Start with reading books like Case in Point, McKinsey "Crack the Case", and Casebook by London Business School

• Read and solve cases here on PrepLounge in Case Library

• Find peers to train cases (also here on PL)

• To polish you skiils and for getting structured feedback hire an experience coach for individual session and faster improvement (there are many qualified coaches here on the platform ).

If you need any if these books or further help or advice, feel free to reach out.



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replied on Jul 20, 2020
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Haven´t heard about them, but I find highly suspicious what you comment of not finding the person on LinkedIn.

I would not trust it



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