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Anonymous A asked on May 12, 2018

I applied to MckiMcKi for a consultant role in their new ventures team and I got a rejection within 3 days. I wasn't really surprised about that because the role wanted 7+ years of experience with a lot managerial and change management experience (I only have 6.5 years with no managerial skills). Anyway, shortly after applying, I see another role as an associate that I am more suited for. Can I still apply? Or should I not bother?

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replied on May 13, 2018
Former BCG Principal and decision round interviewer

I would have a conversation with the people whoo interviewed you and HR before re-applying, this because otherwise you risk that your resume gets screened out automatically by the system.

That said, given feedback received and how recruiting works I would say that chances are not great.

Usually when you interview for a role you are also implicitly considered for others, more junior ones within the same function. So, if the interviewers thought you were a good fit for the company but a more appropriate level for you was a junior one they would have given that recommendation and either automatically give you the more junior position offer or made you go through the interview process again for more junior position.

Now, given that the position might not have been open at the time you had interviews, this could be the reason why this isn’t happen. Still, you could have been in the “recall/keep in touch” list and they could have called you once they published that position but that didn’t happen either. That’s why I am suggesting to definitely try but have realistic expectations.

hope this helps,


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replied on May 13, 2018
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You can try, it doesn't heart anyway.

I also recommend to call the McK office and talk with the HR responsible for New Ventures about your situation


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