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I am a lawyer from India with 6 years of work experience. I am planning to start my MBA in September 2023/ January 2024. I am looking to transition my career and move into consulting. I did not make it into INSEAD and LBS. And I did not apply to OXFORD or JUDGE since their deadlines had expired. The b-school that fits my overall profile include: 

1.) IMD

2.) SDA Bocconi

3.) Mannheim Business School

4.) ESADE and IE

5.) Copenhagen Business School

6.) Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus

7.) ESMT, Berlin

8.) Imperial


I want to understand from some of the experienced professionals here whether MBB or other consulting firms hire candidates from these colleges. I am comfortable with relocating to anywhere outside India. I have looked into these colleges' career reports and their alumni. However, for a non-EU background student studying in these colleges, what are the chances of getting into a consulting career? 

Also, if someone can mention any courses that go well along with MBA or apart from MBA and are valued for consulting roles like MBA + MSc in Business Analytics?

I also would like to know if MBA from colleges like IE, ESADE, ESSEC, and EDHEC are considered good for consulting roles.


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replied on Jun 05, 2023
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Hi there, 

All the above are good brands, though I would probably highlight 4, 6 and 7. HEC would also be a good additional to your list. LBS and Oxford Said BS as well. 

In the end, the ranking doesn't make a critical difference. It matters a lot more what you do when you are in the MBA program: the sort of experience you gain, the people you network with, the sort of internships you do. 

If anything, I would choose the MBA school ideally based on the country I'd ideally want to be based in and whether or not I already master the language. For instance, HEC is a great school, but if you would then want to stay in France as a consultant, you'd actually need to be fluent in French. If you're not, then HEC might not be a great option for you. 

Sharing with you also a guide on how to think through the application process once you get started:

Here are also a couple of articles that give you a good overview of what to expect from the job (and thus already what sort of skills to target):

Last but not least, once you start having coffee chats, you can leverage the following article to get referrals:


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replied on Jun 05, 2023
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Hi there,

Most should, but all to varying degrees. If you can, also aim higher (INSEAD, LBS, etc.)…may as well try. Those have the highest recruiting rates from MBB.

Also, while I know there are application fees, try to apply to several, and see where you land. Instead of deciding between these 7, decide on the ones that accept you. It might be 2 or 3 that you have to choose…or, your decision might be made for you with 1 acceptance!

Finally, network with people from each of these schools. Reach out, try to have a chat, or, at the very least, ask this question directly…they'll know from experience!

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replied on Jun 05, 2023
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Hi there,

1) For a non-EU background student studying in these colleges, what are the chances of getting into a consulting career? 

You should be able to use LinkedIn to check where alumni of the programs who were non-EU ended after the MBA.


  1. Go to LinkedIn
  2. Add the university as "School", in your case specifically for MBA
  3. Filter by each MBB company as “Current company” for your target geography

If you find a good number of non-EU people, it means it could be a good option. If you are not sure what a good number of people could be, you can take a school you are sure is a target one in that country as a benchmark.

You can find below an example for Harvard and McKinsey:



2) Also, if someone can mention any courses that go well along with MBA or apart from MBA and are valued for consulting roles like MBA + MSc in Business Analytics.

No need to do extra masters if you already do an MBA and have the goal of consulting after that. Instead, you might try to target better-ranked MBAs (eg INSEAD or LBS in EU).

Good luck!


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replied on Jun 04, 2023
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A simple search on LinkedIn with filters will help you get a good view of whether these schools feed into MBB. 

I know personally from my time at both Kearney and BCG that several of these schools do hire from MBB.

As to the specific courses / modules during MBA - I genuinely think that matters alot less than the overall brand/reputation of the business school.

Lastly - if you are considering MBB, why not also INSEAD? It is the largest feeder to MBB.

All the best!

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replied on Jun 07, 2023
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As other coaches have pointed out, LinkedIn is going to be the best way to understand how many graduates of these programs end up at MBB. These are definitely well-regarded schools, you could also look at some of the higher-ranked ones like INSEAD, LSE, etc.

Regarding the chances of getting into a consulting career with a non-EU background, I'd recommend going to a business school in the country you ultimately want to end up working in. If your business school does on-campus recruiting and the firm is able to hire internationals (MBB are; some smaller ones may not be), your citizenship shouldn't be much of a hindrance. If your school doesn't do on-campus recruiting, it still provides you with a good foundation for networking and amassing experiences and qualifications that recruiters will easily be able to understand.

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