Does anyone know what McKinsey numeracy test is? If anyone can share any sample or something. Thanks!

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Arham asked on Nov 01, 2018

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Anonymous replied on Nov 02, 2018

Unfortunately this isn't necessarily something that is consistent across global offices - e.g. some offices still only have PST, some have PST + online test (e.g. London), some have neither...

Your best bet is to either ask people applying to same office as you or to message HR for any kind of sample they can provide.

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Anonymous replied on Nov 01, 2018
Looking for partners. Have 1st round Mck interview in August
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Rsan on Nov 02, 2018

Thanks for the reply. Numeracy test is different from Problem Solving Test. It will be taken along with PST.

replied on Nov 01, 2018
Collected McKinsey & BCG offers/ Ex-McKinsey consultant/Harvard/WBS/MSU
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