Does any of the MBB firms in Switzerland hire non-EU Ph.D. graduates from ETH Zurich?

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New answer on Mar 25, 2021
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Anonymous A asked on Mar 24, 2021

Assuming that the candidate is fluent in German.

Also, would this candidate stand any chance, considering that their B.S. and M.S. degrees were obtained from a non-target school in Asia (top 150).

I would highly appreciate any thoughts on this question!

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Hi there,

I honestly think that's possible if your application stands out, I. e. you have a lot of interesting and applicable experience (Internships, awards, start-ups or anything like that), plus, if you happen to secure a referral.

But! Don't forget about the visa / working permit - for some firms it might be very complicated to take care of these things for a candidate.

Hit me up if you have any further questions! Happy to help.



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Anonymous on Mar 25, 2021
Hello, Gaurav. Thank you for your comment! So is it the case that MBB firm in Switzerland would be reluctant to consider an applicant with non-EU nationality? I know the zurich office of google regularly hires non-EU candidates, who haven't even lived in Switzerland before, so I was hoping that MBBs would be somewhat open to candidates with PhD from ETH Zurich


"Hypothetically, for a friend" :)

So, I'll assume we're talking about you!

The odds are very low. You can try (and if you do, networking is the key), but I don't see good chances for you. If you don't have working rights in the EU the odds are already stacked against you, at which point you need to be an absolutely exceptional candidate.

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Anonymous on Mar 25, 2021
Hi Ian! Thanks a lot for your comment :) What would you say is the main problem of my profile? The fact that I'm non-EU or my BS-MS degrees being from lower-ranked schools?



It totally depends. The application is composed by many different elements.

If you have elements that make you stand out (e.g., extra curricular activities, entrepreneurial background, etc.), then the BS and MS degrees are not the only data point and become less important.

Hope it helps!



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Gaurav gave the best answer


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