Differences between BCG Gamma, BCG Platinion, BCG Digital Ventures, and BCG technology advantage (TA)

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Phil asked on May 25, 2019

If would help A LOT if you could give project examples (or even hypothetical project examples) to illustrate the differences, since the website descriptions are not concrete (e.g., "we help companies unlock their digital potential in a fast-paced environment" -> does this mean data analytics, server infrastructure, helping tech companies monetize their products, helping non-tech companies automate data processing tasks, etc.?)

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replied on May 26, 2019
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  • BCG Digital Ventures - BCG acquiring startups or launching them jointly with the clients. Example - BCG launching an app for taxi drivers together with Shell. They use ex-consultants and current consultants to fill in the roles in the startup. Sounds sexy, but all projects I've seen so far lacked expertise and real knowledge of tech sector. The execution is poor as well. Would not recommend joining it at this stage
  • BCG Gamma - advanced analytics. Make sense to go if you want to be a data scientist. Currently, they help teams on current projects by analyzing large sets of data. Long-term it will be the core capability since most of the clients now have big data. Would recommend joining only if you love data science, although any tech company will give you much more opportunities here
  • BCG TA - Same as McKinsey Digital - helping the clients with IT strategy, building digital capabilities, etc. The career path is similar to a generalist.
  • BCG Platinion - IT implementation part of TA, more focused on the day to day execution. My guess is that the career track is different from generalists and the salaries should be lower (otherwise the clients will not afford it and you have to compete with Accenture, big4 etc). But would double check it.


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replied on May 31, 2019
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