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Deloitte Human Capital, Organizational Transformation & Talent Case Study

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Recent activity on Feb 09, 2017
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mackenzie asked on Feb 08, 2017
Looking for interview partners. Prepping for Deloitte Human Capital, Organizational Transformation & Talent

Hello! I'm currently prepping for Deloitte's Human Capital, Organizational Transformation & Talent Case Study. I'm struggling to find online materials and prep specific to Human Capital. does anyone have any suggestions of where to look or want to practice?


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Anonymous replied on Feb 09, 2017


Deloitte OTT is like any consulting function. If you can work your way with a typical candidate-led case comfortably, clearly, and confidently with demonstration of solid logic and analytic capabilities, you will be viewed positively.

Personally, if I limited time for OTT preparation, I might focus on business situation, M&A, and market opportunity cases as they're the broadest and encompass elements of strategy, operations, and personnel-related needs.

I hope that helps.

- Frank

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