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New answer on Aug 14, 2022
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Marika asked on Aug 13, 2022
Determined to succeed

Hello Everyone,

I just joined the community, and I was wonder if anyone can share some tips in how to get hired by BCG. I work In Dubai and I'm pursuing my MBA with Hult International Business School.

Thanks in advance for your help :)


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replied on Aug 14, 2022
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Hi Marika, 

Some thoughts specific to your situation: 
(+) You are located in Dubai and have work experience in the region 
(-) Hult is not a target school for BCG in the ME. MBA candidates in Dubai typically come from top-tier schools like INSEAD, LBS, IE, etc. 

Because you are not from a target school, you will need to excel in other areas. The first hurdle is to get an interview, so focus your efforts there. 

  • Tailor your resume to consulting, highlight your transferable skills, accomplishments and local experience
  • Develop a strong cover letter 
  • NETWORK, especially since you are in Dubai. Follow BCG in the Middle East on their social media, attend if they have any events, reach out to your greater network to develop contacts at BCG

Best of luck, 

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Anonymous replied on Aug 14, 2022

Hi Marika,


it seems your school is not among the targeted schools, so the route is not as easy, but it is not impossible. The more working experience you have the less your education matters. Hence if your consulting experience is sound, have some great extra-CV activities you want to share, you can give a try. Other option and probably safer is to try internship position, as all the strong performances get the permanent offer. 

Good luck

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updated an answer on Aug 14, 2022
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Hi Marika,

I'm going to keep it as simple as possible (because there's such a flood of information):

1) Make your resume as good as possible

2) Get consulting-related experience if possible

3) Network extensively

4) Make a strong cover letter

5) Hire a coach

Once you have the interview, keep in mind the following:

Case Reading:

Fit Reading:


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