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Apply at lower tier consultancy first?

Anonymous A


I would like to apply for an internship at MBB in Germany.
Is it possible to go for other consulting firms like Oliver Wyman or A.T. Kearney
first to get

1) some practice in the interviews process in general and
2) an internship position if it does not work out at MBB?

When applying for an internship do you have to sign the contract right after the
interview day or do you get a letter/email later that you can decline?

Is there possibly enough time to squeeze the MBB interview without declining the others first?

Thank you!


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Weizhen replied on 08/12/2017

I think you can apply lower tier companies at the same time as you apply for MBB,

Afterall, what if you get in??

At the same time, you know it's harder to get into MBB so those second tier companies can be considered as your backup plan -- if you get in, you will also have an experiecne in consulting and that would be a good preparation for your future application with MBB!!

Anonymous B replied on 08/11/2017

This would really depend on a case-by-case basis. I'd say go ahead and apply to lower tier firms first to test the water and work on MBB after or in parrallel.