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Ekundayo asked on Jun 11, 2018

Dear All,

Is anybody here familiar with Slidebooks.com and if they do really have great contents & templates.

You feedback will be highly appreciated and you can as well provide other alternatives.

Kind Regards,

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Anonymous A replied on Jun 12, 2018

Hi! I didn't know that site and I just had a look at it. My first impression is that it is mostly unnecessary and overpriced, but if you tell me exactly what product you find interesting, I could evaluate it a bit better...?

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Raphael replied on Dec 27, 2018

I bought one of their Business Toolkits. I now have access to hundreds of Frameworks, Tools and document templates created by ex tier-one consultants. Big timesaver! I don't really think it is expensive if you take into account that a daily rate of a management consultant is between $1.5k and $5k

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