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Procurement, Supply Chain Management, IT, Process Improvement, Strategy

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Accenture is a leading global professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations. 

Accenture develops and implements technology solutions to improve its clients’ productivity and efficiency—and may run parts of their operations on their behalf. Ultimately, Accenture enables its clients to become high-performance businesses and governments.

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Ex-Accenture Strategy Consultant, Career Coach (5yrs)

Hi, I can help with both interviews, have done them myself. 1) You will get a company example and it is either going to a new market or opening a new product. You will then be asked questions ab... (more)

Hallo, ich an deinerStelle würde mich fragen, was mich interessiert und danach priorisieren. Ist IT sehr spannend für mich? Dann würde ich Accenture als hohe Priorität haben. Finde ich aber Wer... (more)

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This could be the best place to look at first:

Best answer so far out of 2 answers:
Ex BCG | MBB Specialist | #1 Expert for meetings done (800+) and recommendation rate (100%)

Hi Anonymous, In general, it is possible to move from Accenture Strategy or Strategy& to MBB. The degree of difficulty is not universal, as it depends on several factors; you can find a list of... (more)

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