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10min free intro call. Paying for a coach is a significant investment. I am happy to discuss what you need help with, to make sure my experience is right for you. 

Why me?

  • Interviewed 30+ candidates as a consultant for 6+ years at one of Europe’s largest economic consultancies
  • Joining BCG in Spring, giving you the most up-to-date view of MBB interviews
  • Undertook more than 50 case interviews with ex-MBB employees
  • Documented and analysed my interview prep experience, developing a framework (click the link) to nail interviews and maximise practice effectiveness

What you will get in our 1hr meeting:

  • Mock interview (35 mins) : I will give you a case study which most resembles the ones I recently got while interviewing for MBB
  • Review of interview (15 mins) : I will score your performance, looking to identify areas where you can improve
  • Action-based tips and drills (10mins) - I will provide some on-the-spot drills and help formulate a training plan for you to improve after the session

More detail about me

After six years of economic consulting experience at Frontier Economics, where I interviewed more than 30 candidates using case studies, I have successfully received a BCG offer where I will be joining in the new year.

Alongside that, my recent experience of interviewing with MBB this autumn, and my analysis of my performance (including feedback from my interviewers) as well as that of 6 other friends who received offers recently, will help you get the most up-to-date view on MBB interviews. I have undertaken more than 50 mock case studies with several MBB employees and ex-employees.

After having finished my MBB interviews, I realised my expectations on what was important had changed significantly. Because I documented case preparation from day 1, what I struggled with and how I fixed it, I identified what preparation really mattered to helping me outperform on interview day. I came up with a framework which I used in my 8+ MBB interviews to receive multiple offers and which will help you get that coveted consulting offer. I will use this knowledge to help you prepare in the most effective way and focus on what really matters on interview day.

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