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McKinsey alum, Case interview expert coach, 100+ coachees working in top consulting firms - Leapfrog your preparedness in 2 hours

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Top skills

  • Case structuring
  • Well developed interview cracking process
  • Tactics to master and leverage interviewer mindset

My approach

If you are reading this means you already aware of the importance of specialized preparation for consulting interviews. You already recognize that in a hypercompetitive and intense consulting recruitment process; once you get an interview call, you cannot afford to fail. This is exactly what I specialize in – preparing the candidate so well, that it is almost impossible for the consulting companies to reject him or her

I have an extensive experience of being on the both sides of the consulting interview table. I converted all my interview calls including McKinsey where I worked as a consultant. In the later part of my career, I interviewed MBA students, lateral hires for consulting positions. For the last few years, I work as a Coach in this space and help candidates crack the consulting interviews. I am also empanelled with several leading Business School as a Consulting career coach.

I include the following 3 areas in consulting interview coaching-

Preparation plan: A lot candidates have very little clue about how to structure their consulting interview preparation. Many a times candidates remain underprepared due to various reasons viz. lack of case material, unavailability of practicing partners, lack of time to prepare etc. I have developed a methodology that helps candidates make a robust preparation plan and make the best use of their available resources. I also teach candidates self-practice techniques, problem solving muscle builders, consultative thinking hats etc. so that the candidate can literally start thinking like a consultant from the moment he starts the preparation.

Case cracking process mastery: As a consultant you are supposed to approach and solve the problem in a particular way; it’s a process. When consultants interview candidates, they naturally look for individuals who are comfortable cracking the problem in a similar way. During the consulting case practice, I ensure that the candidate grasps this process. Once this process is mastered, then any case; from any industry or function; can be successfully cracked. I also provide the candidates with a lot of structures, short cuts, clues that can be directly used to crack the tough cases.

Aces: Don’t forget that interviews are human to human interactions. Apart from the process and functional competencies, you can also influence the interviewers by your behaviors. I have developed ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’ based techniques that ensure the candidate gives right punches at critical points viz. confident interview start, quicker rapport building during interview, turnaround if the case doesn’t go well, powerful and memorable interview closure etc.

In the last few years I have helped several aspirants to make it into top consulting companies. I look forward to work with you.

Cheers, Gaurav


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Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris

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