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As a rare exception I got the offer from BCG to become part of the leadership team joining as a Project leader without previous consulting experience nor help during my recruiting process.  Today I am rewarded as the top BCG trainer (link here)  and professional ICF coach (like here) with exceptional client reviews (click here).  I bring 10+  year of leadership and international recruiting experience. 

Why to choose me (using my clients words)

1. Today as a BCG trainer I train actual consultants and newly onboarded BCGers  to acquire all skills needed to succeed in consulting , I will help you to transform your thinking into a way that the top firm consultants do, focusing on fundamental (consulting) skills, rather than just "case cracking" skills

2. I am experienced hire and part of the MBB leadership team. Despite that cases can be similar to other coaches, only few coaches reached leadership role at MBB to offer assessment beyond the business case (maturity, communication skills, professionalism,...)

3. In addition to the coaching you will receive "Starter package" comprehensive content to prepare for your case and personal interview and homework cases to practice in between sessions

4. I am professional coach (ICF) and can help you with topics beyond MBB recruiting 

5. Outstanding clients' reviews for “Your positive and friendly attitude paired with direct and honest feedback. I also like that you put the focus on fundamental (consulting) skills”, “I did not expect such a high amount of support outside of the official sessions”, “For her it's all about the human behind the screen. She truly spends time on making a in-depth diagnostic of where you are currently and the steps to progress. Not just a quick diagnostic where a frameworks will be the main driver for your progression.”

So, how can I help YOU:

1. You want to crack consulting! I will show and teach you how to sail smoothly through the top tier consulting recruiting process 

2. You DIDNT pass consulting recruiting process and you want to find what would be the best option for you to move forward

1. Consulting coaching

I will show and teach you how to sail smoothly through the top tier consulting recruiting process: 
1. Prepare you for the case interview: There is no wrong or right answer during the case but the recruiter evaluates you from different angels to ensure YOU drive the case and give dialog, you apply hypothesis-driven approach and most importantly, you enjoy the case (otherwise you wont enjoy the work). We will practice different type of mock cases with time for feedback and discussing on how to approach and structure the problem, how to set up a framework and create a plan, incorporate feedback, uncover new ways of thinking and drive the case. I will also share with you “do” and “dont”. 

2. Preparation for the fit interview: often underestimated by the candidates, but the fit interview is equally important as a business case. It is your once chance to shine! We will practice and discuss how to best answer the questions and tell fit stories in the most comfortable way that will demonstrate you possess the strengths that the firm is looking for: problem-solving, being able to make an impact, drive, passion, leadership, creativity, a new way of thinking and you are fun to work with. 

3. Answer with honesty any question you may have about the process, what to expect when working for a top consulting firm, etc. 

As a professional coach and trainer, my approach is customized and unique for each coachee, no off the shelfs solutions.  We work considering your context, goals, strengths and areas for development. You will always get open and honest feedback and plan to move forward. You wont learn nothing by hard, memorizing, applying advices that doesn't make sense (e.g. create framework in 30 sec) but my approach is to create your own way that works for you (this is what make successful candidates get their offer). 


For a 1 hour of paid coaching you will equivalent to 2-3 hours:

  • Our journey starts with you readiness assessment - a diagnostic to understand where you stand to define YOUR journey
  • For every session you get homework (usually - but not limited to - 2 cases which I review and provide feedback)
  • Access to valuable content


2. Non-consulting career coaching

As a professional career coach I help talented professions with any career goal and/or transitioning you would like to tackle. Below you find an example of 8 weeks career transition program helping you to define what job or career direction will make you happy. Please feel free to reach out for customized solution if needed

Yes! you can get the job you actually enjoy (and it doesnt have to be just consulting)! → career transition program

  1. Find what you want, what makes you happy, what are your strengths, where you can shine -> Strengths and skills, cultural fit, work-life goals,
  2. Exit & leaving strategy
  3. Career Self-Assessment/Gap analysis
  4. Skill development plan
  5. Get ready:
  • Job search strategies
  • Recruiter connections
  • Networking
  • Targeting
  • How to approach them recruiters and firms you like

     6. Prepare the winning CV and cover letter

     7. Interview preparation and practice to get you comfortable and make you shine

  • Elevator pitch: 1st impression, expressing your strengths, passion and personality in less than a minute is key to interview success.
  • Answer most asked questions confidently

      8. Get what you worth 

  • Negotiation skills
  • Assessing and advising on job offers

     9. Landing in the new role and successful take off

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