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Be the 1% with MBB offer, YES YOU can!

360-degree journey
Hints from Leadership
Extensive REAL cases & questions
USD 1,849 USD 1,743

7 sessions of coaching to get you fully ready to crack into consulting → if you don't get your offer after that, I will offer unlimited support (coaching, feedback, etc.) until you get one!

Learn how to crack MBB from the top BCG trainer (teaching new Consultants and Associate the consulting tool kit skills) and project leader, part of the BCG leadership with many successful coachees with MBB offer. Who else can teach you than a real MBB consulting skill trainer? 

Are you determined to be the 1% of successful candidates with MBB offer, yet today, you are facing some of the roadblocks to reach your dream:

  • You don’t know much about recruitment beyond generic info and what exactly are the challenges (yes you know it is hard, but what exactly?) and what you need crack to get the offer?
  • Nobody checked your CV, but you hope it is OK (believe me, 95% of even the high potential candidates have a bad CV…considering that CV step has the lowest chances of all recruiting process with less 5% chance to pass… )
  • You are not clear what job in MBB exactly would fit you well and what are the requirements (e.g. Associate vs. Consultant, Knowledge expert vs. Consultant, Expert vs. Generalist, Gamma vs. BCG X etc.)
  • You are lost or overwhelmed with so much free but not ready-to-go material
  • You don’t really know where you stand, how ready you are and if you are progressing
  • You potentially waste a lot of time with inefficient learning
  • You don’t understand certain cases even if there is a solution
  • You look for THE answer when casing
  • You don’t know well how to structure your thinking to communicate effectively, you hope you did always well
  • You tried to succeed but you already failed, despite so much preparation
  • You don’t really enjoy the process; it rather stresses you

How can I help you to not rely on luck but get you ready:

  • You will go through a diagnostic to understand your readiness and then you embark on a customized journey
  • You will understand well the recruiting process of the different companies, requirements, and different career paths you can take
  • You will learn and be proficient in problem solving and structuring but NOT frameworking (did you know MBBers don’t learn frameworks?)
  • You will know the secrets and not shared tip for FIT/PEI, cover letter and storytelling
  • You will prepare an appealing CV to pass the slimmest chances recruitment step
  • You will understand and avoid the common mistakes 90%+ candidates make
  • You will mock different real – used at interview - cases
  • You will get lifelong access to the exclusive material worth over €1,000
    • CV preparation tricks, example of good and bad CVs, test
    • Guide with secret information to succeed during the personal interview with 70+ most common questions
    • Recruitment process overview, hints, and tricks
    • Unlimited feedback on business cases you do beyond the sessions during the duration of the package
    • Structure of different type of business cases (e.g. market sizing, entry, pricing, valuation, etc.)
    • Detail and real example of online test
    • Referral secrets
  • You will get every time honest and constructive feedback on your performance: the same criteria as the MBB use to evaluate candidates

Important to know:

  • Each journey starts with a readiness assessment: diagnostic to assess what is the candidate’s starting point to design a unique journey and confirm selection of the package
  • Each package includes extensive homework to be completed in between the sessions
  • Prices are final


  • If you are uncertain about the offer, you can book 1st session at full price and if you decide to go ahead, the 1st hour will be part of the package to benefit from the discount

About Lucie

Content Creator
10+yrs recruiting & BCG Project leader

I love challenging topics seeing them as an enormous future opportunity, my drive is “more and better”. I have always been hired to fix and/or improve. I support clients seeking the optimal solution for their context. My key to success – beyond technical skills – are authenticity, open -communication and -mindedness, ability to inspire, genuine interest and trust in others’ capabilities.    

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