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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the career levels in consulting?

Generally, there are five career levels in management consulting.
  1. Analyst / Associate
  2. Associate / Consultant
  3. Engagement Manager / Case Team Leader / Manager / Project Manager
  4. Associate Partner / Junior Partner / Principal
  5. Partner
Each of them is run through as a junior and senior position. To reach the next level you usually need 1-3 years. Learn more about the requirements of each role.

How can I apply successfully for consulting jobs?

The first impression counts! This includes your CV and also the cover letter which gives the reader a first impression about you and your experiences. It is often already at this point that the decision is made as to who will be invited to the interview. Have a look at our CV templates and at our Crafting Your Entry-Level Cover Letter guide and find out what you have to watch out for.

How much salary will I get as a consultant?

The salary range in consulting is enormous, ranging from less than 52,000 $ to over 670,000 $ a year. The average salary of management consultants in the USA is around 110,000 $ gross a year. For entry-level employees, it is round about 68,000 $ a year. However, the annual gross amount you will earn in the end depends on several factors. This includes, among other things, your degree, your previous work experience, but also the location of the company and the industry in which you work.

Where can I find information about career events?

Career events bring you up to date, help you network and prepare you for your job in consulting. To find a career event visit our consulting news and register right away for the PrepLounge newsletter to never miss an event again.

How can I increase the chances of getting a job offer?

Networking is an important way to increase your chances of getting a job offer. At career events, you come into contact with a large network. The most successful way to push your application will be referrals, so if you have any connections to people working at your target firm use them. Once you get invited to the interview, coaching and practicing case interviews with another case partner will increase your chances of getting a job offer.
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