Bain Case: Old Winery
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Calculation of yield is a bit confusing. What is the m?

Can't seem to understand the rational behind the steps. Would be great to get some insight.

thank you

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replied on Feb 04, 2020
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Vines per area: They're saying "let's see the distance between each row". Then, make the distance the same as the length of the vine, for a nice square metre calculation. So, that square has 4 sides, each 2 metres. 2 of those sides have empty space, and the other 2 have vines. Hence, for a 4 sqm space (2x2), you have 4 metres worth of vines (2+2)

Quantity of grapes per vine: This actually feels a bit low, but, the image shows about a metre's worth of vines. Then, imagine what a bundle of grapes weighs (.25 to .5 kg?). Then multiply that by how many bundles you see (10)

Yield: This is how much x can I produce with y. So, for the grapes, I can produce 3kg grapes/metre where I have a vine. I have 2 vines in a 2x2 (4sqm) space, so I can make 6kg of grapes there. 6 divided by 3 = 1.5kg

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