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Working student job vs. internship at top tier consulting firm

Anonymous A


My situation is the following: my goal is to get an entry level job at McK, BCG, Bain or Roland Berger. I have done one 6months internship at a top tier consulting firm. Now I have the option to work as a working student for the same consultancy or do another internship at another top tier consulting firm. Personally, I prefer the working student job, since it has less working hours and allows me to write my thesis in the meantime. The internship would prolong my graduation another semester. Which one is the better option for me to be able to join MBB later? I guess it is better to take the internship to get an insight in another consulting firm, as well?

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Francesco replied on 03/10/2017
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Hi Anonymous,

let’s divide it in plus and minus for the working student option:


  • Earlier graduation and possibility to join full time earlier
  • More time for thesis
  • More time to prepare for consulting interviews


  • Missing a top brand on your CV
  • Missing a back up option – you may get a full time offer as a backup in case you do not manage to get an offer from MBB+Roland Berger, and try again your applications in 1-2 years
  • Missing more “real” consultant experience – the working student job would probably not allow you to cover projects with the same intensity

Thus, the working student option may be better if you want to have a chance to join earlier, or want to have more time to prepare for interviews. The internship option may be better if you want to strengthen your CV and add a back up plan.

In general, the internship option may give you an advantage for the additional brand on your CV, you should consider though whether that would be worth the additional time required to reach that. In the end, both the options may allow you to get an interview with MBB and the ideal path to follow would depend on your priorities.

Hope this helps,


Vlad replied on 03/12/2017
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First of all I would not assume that working student option will give you any free time for thesis. You'll kill yourself trying to combine and this may lead to bad results in both studying and working. Did they give you a job offer? If so, take your time to finish studying and go back to the, afterwards.

At the meantime if it is not your Top Choice company, try to apply directly for an analyst position in another consultancy. I see no value in douing 2 internships in top-tier consulting firms

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