Work-life balance at E.ON Inhouse Consulting

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Caren asked on Aug 14, 2018
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May I address this question directly to ECON consultants please: How would you evaluate the work-life-balance at your company (e.g. working hours, team or company events etc.)?

Any details or information is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Anonymous replied on Aug 14, 2018

Hi Caren,

Many thanks for your question. Part of my motivation for joining E.ON Inhouse Consulting was, that I wanted to work in the challenging and fast-paced environment of top management strategy consulting but without the extreme hours commonly associated with external top consultancies. Being at E.ON Inhouse Consulting for almost seven years, my expectation regarding better and more flexible working hours have been fulfilled: I do find the time on evenings during the week to go to the gym (there is also one inhouse), read a gripping novel or meet friends in Düsseldorf or Essen.

Generally speaking, we help our colleagues to successfully unite the demands placed on them by their professional and private lives. Many of our projects concentrate on the Rhine-Ruhr area (about 60%), so we can guarantee a project based at home location. Furthermore, we also offer the opportunity to take time out between projects e.g. for family or travelling (the former is more common among more senior colleagues, the latter is more common among more junior colleagues). Assuming there are no objections from a project perspective, our flexible working hours models and part-time schemes allow our colleagues to reduce their working hours to between 60% and 80%.

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