Which types do the MBB’s prefer?

Anonymous A asked on Jan 03, 2017 - 2 answers

Hello everyone,

I am currently doing my bachelor in business administration and going to enter my last semester. Afterwards I am planning to not directly join a master program, but work some time instead.

Over the course of the last years I’ve been doing three internships in all my major areas of interest - Big4, Dax 30 and a small business consultancy (I am not into banking). What I enjoyed most was working at the Dax company as well as my internship in business consulting, which is why I would now like to do another internship in these branches for half a year each. Therefore, I would like to get some more insights into a big strategy consultancy like BCG, Bain, Strategy& and McKinsey by doing an internship.

Can anyone give me some information on which profiles those consultancies are looking for - either for internships as well as for full-time positionings? What does it take to receive an interview invitation?

I am especially interested in the following informations:

  1. Which grades are required in order to have realistic chances? (I have currently a GPA of 1.5)
  2. How important is the university reputation? (I am studying at an university, but it is not Mannheim, Cologne, LMU, WHU etc.)
  3. Does it matter whether I am within the standard period of study? (It took me 7 semesters to finish, but I did an internship every semester and engaged in extracurricular activities)
  4. When would be the best time to apply? How much in advance should I send the application?

I know those are a lot of questions, but I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!

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Anonymous C replied on Jan 05, 2017


I agree with Anonymous B - I think you have good chances, just give it a try!

1) I think for MBB a GPA of 1.5 in Germany is a minimum requirement, better above, but as long as you have other good references like internships, it should be fine!

2) As far as I know university reputation matters, but not too much. Probably it's a plus to have studied at Uni Mannheim or WHU AND have a great GPA, but also with other universities you have good chances, especially again if you have other good references.

3) I don't think that matters, at all, as long as you did something else during your studies, for example if you did a semester abroad which prolonged your studies or have another good "excuse" ;) .

4) Check the company's website for that, but usually I would say about 3 months before, for a full-time position.

Overall, what matters to get an interview invitation is: work experience/internships, great GPA and Abitur grade, experience abroad and extra curricular activities. As mentioned, if you lack one you can easily even it out with other better qualification, but a minimum GPA of 1.5 or above is necessary I think for MBB.

Good luck!

Anonymous B replied on Jan 04, 2017

As nobody yet answered..

Go for it and apply! You have pretty good internships, extracurricular activities and a great GPA, and therefore basically meet all requirements that the consulting firms want from candidates (check out their career websites, also regarding question 4...); 7 semester shouldn't be an issue if everything else is fine.

University reputation is less important in Germany, very good Abitur and university grades are vital.

You can only apply for an internship as long as you are still a student or plan on doing a gap year before your masters, otherwise apply for a full time position.

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