Which Bain office should I apply to in the US?

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Anonymous A asked on Aug 29, 2019

Hi, I'm an undergrad from a target school in the US. I was wondering which Bain locations I should apply to. I know they say that all locations have a similar chance of acceptance but I definitely think the more popular the office, the harder (more competitive) it is to get in.

I'm thinking whether I should skip applying to the NY office as my first choice since it's gonna be super super competitive there. My remaining top choice is Toronto. I'm open to any location in the US.

Does anyone know how competitive the Toronto office is? What are some smaller but less competitive offices to apply to, which also have a decent amount of PE work?


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replied on Sep 17, 2019
OW | HEC Paris | Helped 20+ people entering BCG, OW, ATK etc.


How "competitive" each office is is very hard to establish (I would say that only the US recruiting manager would have the data on it), so I would stop thinking about the question this way.
Also, if you are good enough and the office you applied for has no headcount they will redirect you to another office.

I would encourage you to think about other factors, e.g. personal preference, staffing opportunities (NYC will be FS while Houston more O&G etc.) and office size (do you like small environments or bigger ones).

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OW | HEC Paris | Helped 20+ people entering BCG, OW, ATK etc.
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