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When do consulting firms start looking at soon-to-be MBA grads??


I am about to start my second and final year of b-school. I have heard that consulting firms start and finish hiring soon-to-be MBA's exceptionally early. Does that mean I should be applying starting in July? August? What does the timeline generally look like? Does it matter if its an MBB firm or a smaller firm or are they all similar??

Thank you!

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Danny replied on 06/29/2017

From my knowledge, info sessions for MBA candidates and undergraduate always start at beginning of fall semester, in my school, typically the second week of the fall semester. Application deadlines always are around october. I think application deadlines are always subjested to regions and schools (if OCI applis). I will encourage you to check the recruiting website of the firms you would like to apply frequently (once two weeks) to make sure not missing deadline or opening.

Olu replied on 07/03/2017

For FT recruiting it is usually around August/Sept for MBA's . See more information in the link below:


Danny replied on 06/29/2017

I guess you don't need to worry about ddl right now. But it is time to get your story prepared and crack the case! good luck!