What should I buy apart from clothes? Starting as an BA Intern at McK

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Anonymous A asked on May 30, 2019

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you all for your contribution. Preplounge has really helped me pass the interviews. However, Interviews were actually easier than doing all the shopping before the job. I don't have any experience in a formal enviroment whatsoever. So far, I have been working in startupish enviroments where flip-flops at work would work. Thereby I have a few questions below.

I am starting an Internship next week and I am trying to collect all the equipment I might need for the job. So far I have bought some clothes (two suits, eight shirts, two pairs of shoes (black and brown), three ties, two belts (black and brown), two pairs of chinos, a few polo shirts).

1. Do I need any other clothing? Can I wear chinos just with a shirt or do I need a coat? If yes, then I think I might need another coat or two, because the coat from a suit rather doesn't look well with chinos. Is that correct?

2. What should I wear on my first day? Will business formal work or I will be laughed at if I wear a tie?

3. Do you ever check in luggage or is it always a carry-on? I am just wondering if I can fit everything into a carry-on luggage. Could you please recommend anything I can buy?

4. What do you usually carry with you when going to the office or client's site? A laptop bag, a leather briefcase, something else? I mean, it is probably not a good idea if I show up at the office on my first day with a backpack.

5. Suits/shirts while travelling. Well, that might be a trivial question for you, but I just don't know. Where and how do you pack your shirts/suits when travelling to the client? I would say that however I fold it, it will get wrinkled. Either I am wrong here and I can transport it somehow so it is ready to wear after arrival, or it needs to get ironed at the hotel.



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replied on May 31, 2019
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1. Only a coat if it gets cold. I don't see anything missing.

2. Tie to start (always for the first week when starting at a new client, unless told otherwise). Dress down after a while only if others do too.

3. Always carry-on! You can easily do it. Bring 1 spare shirt just in case of stain, tear etc.

4. Doesn't matter. I bring a (nice) backpack

5. In the carry-on. Then iron your first night in (iron for the whole week - you never know which nights you'll be grateful you don't have to iron). Every hotel you'll be staying in has an iron. Also, if you're staying back-to-back weeks you can get a laundry service.

If it's a short flight to client, wear the suit. If longer, I go casual and bring a suit-bag with the ironed shirt inside to change into once landing (if no morning meetings, tight arrival schedule etc.)

Best of luck!

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Anonymous replied on Sep 07, 2020

Hi A,

1. Surely, coat will be fine and elegant.

2. Definitely, a suit with a tie.

3. I would prefer a carry-on, it is always convinient.

4. Actually, that does not matter, depends enterily on what you prefer.

5. You can iron your shirts at the hotel.

Best, Andre

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replied on May 31, 2019
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Hi there,

I loved the topic, such a nice problem =)

1- You are good. Don't worry, if you feel you need more, you can buy later.

2- Suit + Tie

3- Mostly carry-on. Mostly you can fit all. Typical consultant life. Of course there is no rule =)

4- I always use a backpack. You can choose something you like. Make sure you have your pen and notebook =)

5- I carry my shirts separately in the suit bag. You can use the hotel ironing service.


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replied on May 31, 2019
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It's a really nice problem ti have:)

1) We don't know the weather in your location:)

2) The suit, always wear a suit and a tie by default. You'll know when you can wear smth else

3) Carry on is better and faster. You need to save time to sleep and you don't want to waste the teams time

4) No one really cares whether you have a backpack or a leather bag

5) You can always iron at the hotel


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replied on May 30, 2019
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