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What personal data do they save at recruiting events?

Anonymous A asked on Feb 01, 2018 - 2 answers

Does anyone know what kind of personal data consultancies save at recruiting events? Do they also save comments regarding one's performance or things like that?

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replied on Feb 01, 2018
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In US at recruiting events consulting staff is asked to write impressions about candidates they interacted with during the event itself. Main categories feedback is collected around are:

  • Executive presence
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Interest in consulting
  • Interest in firm (cross offers, cross processes, etc)
  • Fit with company
  • Fit with office
  • Preparedness

All personal data is collected through the application/registration/resume you send/give the company.

Treat recruiting events as real pre-screens that can help you get an interview or can lower your probabilities to get one.

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replied on Feb 01, 2018
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In McKinsey it really depends. In the events in Eastern Europe, UK and US I have attended the recruiters only collected the informal Feedback about the candidates - i.e. whom should we have for an interview. It may be different for case competitions, but again, not necessarily

Bain collects a lot of information during the events and you can even skip the first step of the interview (test) if you are outstanding on these events.

B-school events are a bit different. You should write a Thank You note after the event and make a good rapport. Chances are high that the consultants will remember you and give some informal feedback.


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