If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

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Anonymous A asked on Sep 19, 2019

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Anonymous D replied on Aug 21, 2021

I would be an ant. some people may underestimate the power ants have. Ants are always a great example of persistence and productive teamwork. If we apply these two traits, then we can succeed in many aspects of life.

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Anonymous C updated the answer on Apr 08, 2021

Wolf - the work in a pack, coordinating, cunning. I work best when part of a team. This also resonates with me as I am one of 3 brothers.


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Anonymous B replied on Sep 19, 2019

this wouldnt be my answer, but this question is disrespectful to some religions and groups of people

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Astrid on Sep 20, 2019
Hi Anonymous B, we appreciate your comment. We were not aware of this and apologize if we may have offended any group of people with this question. We changed it and hope that it is appropriate now. Thanks for helping us improve PrepLounge! Best, Astrid