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What is the dress code for an interview ?

John asked on Jan 18, 2018 - 4 answers
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What is the best dress code for a case interview ? Some firms pride themselves in not requiring suits (unless meeting a client) but should a candidate go in a dress shirt/chinos or full suit with a tie?

What about grooming ? Is a trimmed beard ok ? Traditional clean shave ?

I assume that in the MEA the big firms are a bit more lenient on the matter.



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replied on Jan 18, 2018
Former BCG decision round interviewer with 300+ real interviews in 8 years
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For males full suite and tie, even if consultancy prides itself of being more relaxed. Always dress to impress in interviews. Groomed beard is ok.

Thank you Andrea. I get to keep a light beard ! — John on Jan 18, 2018 (edited)

Francesco replied on Jan 20, 2018
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Hi John,

I agree with the previous comments, suit (blue, gray) + tie for man and pantsuits or suit with a matching skirt for women with dark colours are always the best dress code in consulting interview. As more tips:

  • Limit the amount of jewellery to watch and wedding band
  • Avoid cologne (interviewer may be allergic)
  • Standard shirts (white, French blue are always safe bets)
  • Ordinary pen, bags, shoes, and other gadgets
  • Standard haircut
  • For men: Standard tie (no cute symbols)
  • For women: Avoid excessive make up/fingernails

I would personally avoid beard – some interviewers/firms are ok with that, but why risk?



Vlad replied on Jan 18, 2018
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Totally agree with the previous. Your look should be:

  1. Professional (Suit, fresh haircut, clean shoes, etc)
  2. Mature (e.g. no piercing)
  3. Should impress (No cheap and poor looking Zara suits)
  4. Should help you to project confidence - make sure that you feel comfortable in a suit. If not - practice solving cases in a suit.


Thank you. It's time to get a new suit ! — John on Jan 18, 2018 (edited)

Hi Vlad, how about dress code for women? Is a smart black dress + jacket ok or is a shirt/suit necessary? — Monika on Jan 19, 2018

replied on Jan 25, 2018
BCG Consultant |Consulting Case Coach at London Business School
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Hi John,
Completely agree with the others on this one.
The only other thing that you need to bring in to an interview is a pen and some paper/notepad for doing the case. Some consulting firms won't provide this and you might look a bit silly if you need to start writing and don't have anything.
Best of luck with the preparation.

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