What is the best master in the UK to get into MBB?

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Hello Preplounge community,

I am a research analyst at BCG DRS as part of an outsourcing firm. I am interested to launch my consulting carrer in the UK and I thought that getting a master in a leading business school would definitely help my application. So from which masters top tier consulting firms in the UK are recruiting? Otherwise, could a referral in addition to my research experience (~1.5 years) at BCG be enough to land a job in a top tier consulting firm in the UK?

Thank you!

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Since you are already working for a MBB, I would suggest to try the internal “transition” before thinking about a Master. I’m sure that you have already worked with “classic BCG” consultants, thus I’m sure you have a few supporters there. Popping up to the HR saying “Ehy, I don’t want to do DRS anymore, I’d rather be a regular consultant, can we do something about it?”, it’s for sure the first next step I would advice

Secondly, if you are really considering doing a Master, I would suggest to choose among the top 10 universities for MBA. MBB are actively recruiting from all of them and I agree that MBA is for sure the main Master they are looking for. London Business School could be a good idea if you want to remain in the UK, but take into account that London office is one of the most competitive in the world together with NY. Thus if you are flexible in moving to Dublin or in another Country, you should consider that as well.

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It is a tough question, but what I have done is that I studied MPhil in Management at Cambridge, which certainly helped me improve my CV. There are also other management/finance masters programmes offered by Imperial, LSE, KCL, Oxford, Warwick etc. that you may find it useful to look at, these are the target schools.




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You should choose what you're interested in, but statistically MBAs are the majority of the consultants with a Masters background


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