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What did you learn from the last business book you read?

PrepLounge: Personal Fit
New answer on Dec 14, 2023
9 Answers
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Anonymous A asked on Sep 21, 2019

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Anonymous G updated the answer on Dec 14, 2023

I learned a lot, but mostly, to fail fast and learn faster - it was from the Lean Startup


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Anonymous replied on Jun 29, 2020


I think this a very straightforward question.

Just tell about the recent business book you read and how you started applying this knowledge in real life. Then you can refer to a particular situation via STAR approach:

  • Situation
  • Target
  • Action
  • Result



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Anonymous F replied on Nov 02, 2022

I watched the film  barbarians at the gate about early LBOs, such as KKR and RJ Nabisco

I learned three things

Turn risks into opportunities. Debt as an asset. Searching for undervalued companies.

The dangers of too much ego in business. the scale of the deal, unrealistic, didn't work out

Evolution-KKR has changed a lot, so has the PE industry.


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Anonymous E replied on Aug 03, 2022

At every point in time, endeavour to communicate with data. Data reveals the most hidden factors affecting the business in most cases. It helps to be strategic. 

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Rose Mary replied on Apr 24, 2022

The last business book I read was The 5 Hour Workweek by Toim Ferris which is kind of ironic knowing that in consulting there is no 5 hour work week, but the lesson I retained is that you need to make things simpler and easier for yourself. The solution to the problem doesn't have to be too complicated. 

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Anonymous D replied on Apr 07, 2022

I wouldn't say I read a lot of business books but the last thing that comes close would be “13 things mentally strong people don't do” by Amy Morin. This book is filled with great anecdotes towards cultivating good habits for success in all areas of life. Most important take away would be the importance of having a more expansive perspective on people and problems. Being open to changes, mistakes and things not going your way, but also to be aware that you are in still in control of the total outcome. 

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Vitória replied on Jan 24, 2022

I didn't read a business book per se, since I'm really interested in HR normally I invest in knowing more about people so, I read a book about the people around me and their personalities and how I could identify each person taking into account simples daily actions. After knowing what kind of person I was dealing with, they would be separated in different colors, red, yellow, green and blue and based on that, there were certain tasks, challenges and different ways to motivated or demotivate each one of them.

So, I really learned how to read people and how to talk and act around them. Somehow I felt I was learning to manipulate people.

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Anonymous C replied on Jan 13, 2022

The last business book I read was the life story of a successful baron, and his route to success. From a very humble beginning to meteoric success, the book talked about the techniques and the approaches used by this business person. I learnt to persevere and stick to the plan, even when things seem to be going awry. I also learnt that it is extremely important to manage the people and teams around you, and to have a core set of people that you can always trust and delegate work to.

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Anonymous B replied on Nov 07, 2021

don't save money, invest it.


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