What can one do to make the maximum of the MBB experience?

MBB work life balance
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We all are aware about the hectic work hours and frequent travel. However, how can someone balance the time well so as to not end up working all the time and have some free time on hands too?

Secondly, while here are many perks as a part of the job, do the MBB firms offer perks of a more.. non-monetary nature? Do we get subscription to some gyms/ pilates studios? Or are there internal resources that help those who are preparing for some form of future education like an MBA or a PhD?


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Unfortunately, there are very limited things to do when you are at the beginning of your consulting career. However, in order to have a better work-life balance, you can do two main things:

1. State your preferred practice area to your staffing coordinator. While due diligence type of projects require extensive hours, longer projects e.g. transformation/enablement projects provide a better work-life balance

2. Once you are 1-2 years in, you can choose to work flexible hours. I am aware that some offices offer one day off per week, with a certain reduction of your salary.

Non-monetary perks depend on the office, but the common practice is that you are given comprehensive private health insurance, free (or discounted) gym membership. Also, when you travel, MBB may fly you in business class (depends on the duration of the flight) and accommodate you in 5-star hotels. Most offices also offer annual weekend outings with your colleagues.



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