What are the chances of getting an offer after MBB internship and how long are they valid for?

Anonymous A asked on Mar 24, 2018 - 3 answers

Hi everyone,

I was able to secure some offers for this summer and am in the process of making my decision for which I am very grateful to the PrepLounge community!

I am especially interested in the full time offer after the internship. I've read in other posts that at BCG this varies from 50% to 100% for a given cohort. What is it like for McKinsey?

Furthermore, I'd like to know how long the offers are valid for. Hypothetically speaking, my earliest starting date would be 2 years after the end of my internship once I have completed my degree. Is this too far into the future for a full-time offer?

Thank you all in advance!

EDIT: All of the companies are based in the German speaking area.


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Anonymous replied on Mar 24, 2018

Hey anonymous,

1. Not sure if this varies for other geographies, but at least for McK Europe the likelihood of getting a full time offer after an internship is much much higher than 50% - the rule is really basic: you perform well/above the bar and you get an offer. For instance, in my home office the number is well above 90% historically (most of the years is 100%).

2. As a general rule, the full time offer is made for the year you finish your studies (e.g., if you had just finished your undergraduate degree and are pursuing a Masters, then your offer is to join in 2 years time). However, there's some degree of flexibility to both antecipate it, as well as defer it a bit in the future (most likely until 6 months). Once you got an offer, which means McK really wants you, so they can accomodate a bit your preferences regarding starting date (in general).



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1) I would say it depends on 2 factors:

  • Your performance. It's important not to have any negative feedback. In many offices. Sometimes you'll have several projects during your internship, which means more data points. 60%-100% is the correct estimate
  • Overall hiring situation in a country. For Germany, it should be pretty good taking into account the economic situation and the number of offices.

2) Yep, chances are high you'll negotiate. For example, MBA students getting a double degree, (3 years of education in total) get the full-time offers after the first year in US.


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In North America I would say that across the three is always >50%. As per flexibility in your case, given that graduation date is a known variable, it's not an issue. I also saw candidates asking for deferral for personal reasons and most times it got granted.

Hope it helps,