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Anonymous B asked on Apr 07, 2018

Hi everyone, am going into interviews with Bain but couldn't find many Bain-style cases. Could anyone kindly share samples (preferrably the toughest) Bain cases you might have come across please?


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Bain Cases

Anonymous replied on Apr 23, 2018

Hi Justin,

This video on YouTube provides an excellent example of a fairly typical Bain interview format, with tips on how to shine:

While I can't share any specific Bain cases, Bain has three broad types of cases:

1) Market sizing

2) Full length case: Much more than other firms, Bain is likely to give an M&A/PE acquistion case, and that you should be ready for it. As for other "types" of cases, I wouldn't say it is over-indexed to any particular type, when compared to other firms (BCG, McKinsey).

3) Written case: This is not done in all geographies (it is in London), but you are basically given a pack of 20-30 pages with various pieces of information and have ~30 minutes to do some calculations and present a recommendation.

Some other observations about Bain cases:

1) In my experience, they are a bit of a mix of interviewer led and interviewee led. The interviewer is likely to ask prompts and guide the interview, but in a less structured way than at McKinsey.

2) There is an increasing trend of throwing a "curve ball" towards the end of the interviewer - which may test your problem solving or your EQ/interpersonal skills - for example, "the CEO hated your recommendation and is insisting on going with option B instead - how would you handle this situation"

Hope this helps - do get in touch if you have any other questions!

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Originally answered question:

Bain Cases

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replied on Apr 21, 2018
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Hi Justin,

based on my experience, the vast majority of the cases at Bain are related to one of the following three categories:

  • M&A/PE
  • Profitability
  • Market sizing

The specific type of cases could be different in different geographies.

The easiest thing to find actual samples is to download some MBA handbooks online and filter for Bain types.

Hope this helps,


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updated an answer on Apr 09, 2018
Project leader BCG, Bain and A.T. Kearney / 200+ real interviews


That is an interesting question with no single answer. As a matter of fact difficulty of a case is relative and depends on multiple factors such as your background, your experience, the position for which you are being interviewed (junior vs. senior), the interviewer,... long story short: a case very difficult for you could be very easy for another candidate (and viceversa ).

As you probably know already, Bain uses the candidate-led case interview format where the interviewer presents you with an open question like "Your client is considering a merger with its next largest competitor. What should they do?" For your information, with the exception of McKinsey which uses to an interviewer-led interview, most other firms use some variation of the candidate-led case.

Having said that, you can practice for your interviews at Bain with any candidate-led case (there are many available online and Preplounge has an interesting collection as well[]=1&sort=real-case-desc&page=1&perPage=20)

As an expert, I have experience with several real Bain interview cases (coming from my own experience while at the firm and other Bainies colleagues)...while I won’t be able to share the details here :) I can give you a couple of examples:

  1. Company XXX, one of the leader YYY companies in the world, is thinking about entering the retail business. Should XXX do so?
  2. Your client is an XXX company that is in the business of YYY for ZZZ in Spain. Your client would like you to advise them on how to increase revenues.
  3. Our client is a XXX company that has annual sales of 250m euros. It makes and sells a variety of YYY and is thinking about expanding its product line to include a ZZZ. The CEO has engaged our consulting firm to build the case on whether this is a good idea or not.

I hope this helps,



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updated an answer on Mar 14, 2018
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Here is some information according to 100+ Bain cases my candidates had on the interviews. However it may be not representative geographically, but according to my experience:

Most common types of case:

  • Private equity (due diligence)
  • Synergies
  • Profitability + market sizing as a part of a case
  • Market Entry

Most common industries:

  • Retail
  • CPG
  • Airlines
  • HORECA - hotels, restaurants, coffeeshops, etc
  • Diamonds (Might be specific to the particular office)
  • Agriculture (No specifics, closer to CPG)



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Lorenzo replied on Apr 10, 2018
Looking for partners for preparing a BCG interview

Hello Anonymous,

I am also preparing an interview at Bain (Milan office). Let me know if you want to share some knowledge about potential business cases and maybe prepare some of them together.

Cheers, Lorenzo

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replied on Mar 14, 2018

Hey anonymous,

Similarly to most of the consulting firm, the most used type of cases are profitability (or a bifrucation from it) and market/product entry. On top of those, Bain interviewers (across Europe) really love to do PE cases (much more than McK or BCG).



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